Is Your Website Social? Ways to Add Social Media Your Site


Website SocialJeremy Dedic from Rightpoint said “Many companies think of their Website as being the center of their online brand’s universe. But more and more consumers use social media sites as a starting point for accessing information about products and promotions, gathering customer feedback, voicing opinions and seeking customer service.”

With this in mind more and more online businesses today turned to social media marketing. As many may have known already some of the most popular social networks include Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a lot more. Is your website now social? Here are some of the simple ways you can incorporate social media in your website.

  1. Let people know what your social networks are. Making the social networks your into visible in your site can make a lot of difference. Follow icons should be placed in the top and bottom of your website. This will encourage your visitors to follow you socially. Do not forget to include call to action terms like “Like us” or “Follow us”.
  2. Allow social logins. This can provide your visitors easy access to their social profiles and share your contents to them. It works best especially on popular social bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon,Reddit and more. John Roa from AKTA said “This allows sites to create an internal community–and can be a great opportunity for organizations to share specialized content and connect with their users.”Website Social (2)
  3. Make your Web Design Social Media Friendly. As Dino Baskovic said “Companies and organizations should design Websites, from code to content to commerce, in ways that complement the social media user experience, and vice versa”.
  4. Make Content Sharable. This goes with number two and three. You need to allow easy social login and place the social buttons to a place to which visitors can easily see and utilize them. Making your content sharable will also allow your contents to be share on the personal social profiles of your visitors. That is further increasing your reach!
  5. Allow Social Media Reviews. Huge companies like Costa Rican Vacations & Panama Luxury Vacations integrated social reviews on their website in order to increased conversion rates. This is essential as potential customer would see how other existing customers view your website.
  6. Embed Videos on posts. A lot of ranking pages today are embedded with YouTube videos especially if the video has more views. It is also proven that videos improve the visitors’ time on your website making it possible for a better conversion rate.




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