How Social Media is Essential to SEO Success


Social Media

Over the years, search engine optimization has been evolving. Years of building bulks of links are over and it has changed to creating quality contents that will gain organic or natural links. With this evolution in SEO, social media has also taken part. More than ever, morecompanies focused on creating social media campaigns that willpromote their websites to users online.

Before we dig how social media is important to an SEO campaign I want to clarify that social links are usually “nofollow” which means they do not help websites improve the rankings on search engines like Google. However, social media has made a huge difference especially in promoting websites to targeted users online.

SEO and Social Media

Here are some of the important indirect roles of social media to SEO link building.

  1. Identify groups in your niche. With social media you can join groups that are relevant to your niche, follow discussions where in you can posts links of articles that can add value to the topic. Most members of the groups respond to posts and that can start a conversation and exchange of ideas.
  2. Brand Based Search Results. Social media profiles often rank high on search results. Creating these business profiles will help company’s updates and messagesbe found indirectly.Social Media (4)
  3. Build Relationships with Content Publishers. Quality contents open great opportunity of being noticed by a lot of social and online marketers. They can reach and invite you to create posts for their websites giving you a chance of creating quality links.
  4. Social Signals Affects Search Rankings. Although there are no direct effects of social links to rankings, newly published contents that have gone viral on social media networks has gained decent rankings on SERPs.
  5. Think Beyond Articles. There is a popular quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” but in social media, it may be worth more! Seventy percent of social media users revolve around images. Popular social media networks like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr shows how social media is trending toward images and videos.

With all of the reasons above we can conclude that social media has really affected any SEO campaign. Marketers must think ahead of the ways on how they can come up with quality contents that will gain the interest and get exposure when shared to social networks.

Are Tools Needed In A Social Media Campaign?

Let’s face it; social media campaign must be done correctly in order for it to be effective. Meaning we need to make sure that all posts and updates are done regularly. Monitoring the engagement is also another thing. All of these, when done manually can be time consuming and expensive in the long run. And to answer the sub heading question above, Yes! Social media tools are needed in an SEO campaign as it can effectively post updates as well as monitor user engagement in a more productive and convenient approach. A lot of all-in-one social media tools can be utilize today. Choosing the correct tool will entirely depend on what your business requires.


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