How Social Media Impact Your Business


Social Media BusinessRecent statistics shows that social media is a great ground for online marketing. See the latest statistics below:

  • Facebook now has over 1.15 billion users
  • Twitter now has over 550 million registered users and 215 million monthly active users
  • Google+ now has over 1 billion enabled accounts and 359 million active monthly users
  • YouTube has over one billion monthly active users
  • Pinterest has 20 million monthly active users
  • Instagram has 150 million monthly active users

With the numbers above, there is no doubt why a lot of online businesses today puts effort on building there social media presence. Here are some of the positive impacts of social media in businesses today!

What Social Media Do

  1. Find new customers

It’s fast and easy to create a company business profile on major and biggest social media networks and then start publishing and sharing your own quality content. If your content is quality and interesting, other online users will share it with their friends. That can create buzz and interest in your business and visitors to your website. Such personal recommendations are a highly effective way to promote a business and using social media has the potential to massively expand your reach.

  1. Build a closer relationship with your existing customers

Customers often contact online businesses via email or the contact pages in their websites. But now since so many users are active on social media networks, it’s a lot easier to communicate with your customers regularly. That gives businesses a potential in increasing the amount they earn every month. Having a closer relationship with customers also helps in building the trust and as a result more users tend to recommend and share about the website in their own social media profiles.Social Media Business

  1. Drive website traffic and encourage recommendations

Whenever you share a link or a piece of content on social networks, your followers and other users can share that content with their own followers.  Because of this, every piece of content you create is another opportunity to gain a recommendation.

Adding a blog on your website is also a great way of driving and getting traffic. Blog posts are frequently shared via social media, and you’ll notice many blog posts have ‘tweet this’ or ‘share this’ links to encourage that. Alongside social media, blog posts have the potential to attract links, and to bring in traffic from search engines.

  1. Get instant customer feedback

Social media is not just a way to talk to your customers, but also a great way to listen. By monitoring what people are saying about you on Twitter, blogs and other social networking sites and talking to customers directly, you can get real time feedback on what customers are thinking about your products and services. Take time to monitor and check what your followers are talking about!

These are just some of the positive impact of social media in businesses today! Take time in investing to social media and carefully plan what to do then you will enjoy more benefits social media will bring to your business.


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