How Social Media Affects Customer Relationship Management


CRMSocial media has made a lot of difference ever since it was introduced. Online businesses today can easily reach customers using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. With millions of people that are everyday accessing these social networks, the world’s ability to share and connect is limitless. An evolution has been created to which businesses can easily establish connection to millions of people all over the world.

Customer experience has also improved because companies can get instant feedbacks on what consumers think regarding their products and services. With that, customer relationship management comes in. What does it mean? How did social networks influence the ways companies interact with their clients? Let us take a look on some of the impacts of social media to client relationships today.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM is the abbreviation for customer relationship management. According to, “customer relationship management entails all aspects of interaction that a company has with a customer, whether it is sales or service-related. While the phrase customer relationship management is most commonly used to describe a business-customer relationship, CRM systems are also used to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads.”CRM

Impact of Social Media

Technology like social media have changed the way businesses approach customer relationship strategies. Advances in technology have changed the buying behaviour of customers, and today there are many ways for businesses to communicate with customers and to collect data about them one of which is what we are discussing here. What is social media’s impact to business?

  1. Increase Awareness. With social media you can get your brand to get noticed. Compared to traditional advertising, social media offers us the opportunity of going beyond what the traditional marketing offers. We can actively engage our customers by making our brand visible to social media networks.
  2. Get Audience Interest. When a business regularly updates and engage to social networks, they let their audience react. Using social media as a platform to get the audience’s interest will help you to build and create contents that they want and need.
  3. Provide Real Time Response. A lot of customers have questions about the products or services of a company. Most of the time, customer wants quick response to their queries. Social media gives us the power to easily provide answers and acknowledgement comments and feedbacks from customers. This will enable us to make changes to the current marketing strategies that we have.
  4. Customer Retention. Creating opportunities for a long term basis is always possible with the use of social media. What you we need to do?We can build on the connection that already exists, provide opportunities for feedbacks, and follow up support, issue management and product or services reviews.

Social media can be the best strategy when it comes to customer service and support. It gives us a mix of real time responses, an open forum that establishes trust and the ability for customer voices to be heard.


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