Eight Principles of a Productive Web Design


Web DesignThe audiences’ perception about your brand has to be your most important consideration in designing your site. You need to make your online promotion an effective one for your online viewers to appreciate. A great web design is not all about having the most colorful websites or the awards that you get but it is more on the experience that you give to your online visitors. Here are some tips that you may follow in creating a small business web design that will certainly draw the attention of your potential clients.

  1. Your layout has to support your content.

It is the way it should. Your layout has to be the one that will support your content and not vice versa. The main focus of the audience in navigating your site is the valuable content so you have to give them what they need.

  1. Keep your design simple.

The simplest designs can turn out to be the most effective ones in the web. You may minimize the use of unnecessary images that will just clutter your page.

  1. Your web site design has to be fast.

The majority of online people are not patient to wait for a site that takes a long time to load.  Your site has to be optimized for the web.Web Design

  1. Use readable and professional looking fonts.

Just by looking at the font, your online visitors will determine if yours is a professional site. Avoid using fonts like Comic Sans and other fancy fonts that do not scream out professionalism on your part. Use professional web fonts such as Arial and Verdana.

  1. Make sure that your website is compatible to the browser.

Your site has to look good in the browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer.

  1. Your goal is to have your visitors take action.

You can have a call to action on every page that will direct the audiences to the action that you want them to take. Remember that your site has to make sales so you can use a button or hyperlink to make the lead.

  1. Your website and social media channels have to work in tandem.

In order to achieve an effective online brand, your website and social media channels have to work smoothly and in tandem. You may include visible social media buttons in your design.

  1. Choose a professional web design agency that will assist you.

Do not rely on low grade services.


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