18 Weeks – The Time it Takes to Build a Mobile App

Mobile Application

The everyday use of mobile devices has changed the way we experience transmitting and receiving data through the internet for the past few years. We use these devices for entertainment, collection of information and socialization through the social media. Behind this magnificent discovery is the software development that gives us the convenience to explore the wider world outside with just our fingertips. How we view these changes has made a lot of significance to our everyday life. Software developers may have utilized various platforms from where they can operate and build applications for our mobile devices.

The Survey

Software developers have been recently surveyed on how long it usually takes them to build a native mobile application. They include 100 HTML5, Android, and IOS developers, one of the largest group of software developers in the world today. The survey was conducted by Kinvey, a mobile backend-as-a-service (BAAS) platform provider, in collaboration with AYTM. If developers claim that they can complete building of a mobile app for longer time, a vendor such as Kinvey can offer their platform to be utilized by them to cut on expenses, time, and effort in creating an application. This seems to be obvious when one is to theorize on the possibility of completing the project at an earlier time.

What Does it Tell?

Kinvey has also reiterated this in their website saying that their mobile BAAS platform can make it easy for developers to design and create backends for their mobile, tablet, and web apps. With this, they can easily create and conceptualize something with just the aid of the platform provided by Kinvey. According to the survey of 100 developers, it usually takes them 18 weeks to conceptualize and complete a solid mobile application for users. For software development, this may sound a lengthy time to operate and on work on a single application.

Variables May Complicate the Task

This length of time for the development may have several variables like the number of people cooperating in the completion of the project. If there is enough number of individuals involved then the time would be much shorten to complete the task. Other factors may also include the complexity of the app that they are building. If it is more complex and requires operation on more compound platforms, then it will usually take longer time for it to be completed.  Like custom software development, this may take time to be completed if factors are not solid enough to support the completion.

In this survey, factors like the complexity of the task, the companies where the developers work for, the specific type of users they cater are being considered. However, according to the survey, the 18-week timeframe is not a doctrine that will speak for the whole industry to develop a single app. There are still other complicating factors that can always be considered. This survey is intended to give a first word or a rough idea on how long does it usually take software developers to create a mobile application for users. Having this idea can guide us on how important and complex the task is when it comes to using the application developers have created.


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