Blog Creation: Blogging Your Way Up to the SEO Ladder


A long time ago, the rules regarding SEO is not as complex as it is today. Simply figure out what your audience needs with the help of Google keywords, mention that keyword or phrase in your blog as much as you can, in the title of your post and in the tags and behold in no time your website is will be rocking in SERP.

But in the recent years, Google changed their search algorithms and thus quality contents matters more than quantity. True enough, these days content matters more than ever. These days, spamming and keyword stuffed content is detrimental to your SEO campaign. Trying to rank by merely squeezing a keyword or phrase unnaturally into an article has adverse effects to your SEO optimization efforts too!

But it does not mean that there aren’t techniques how to SEO. The following tips will help propel your content at the top of Google’s search results.


  1. Keywords Are Good but Rich Keywords In the Right Context are way Better

It is possible that there might be a keyword that you are trying to rank, contextual SEO relies on several words or phrases that is related to your content. Google is clever enough to identify other words or phrases that belong to your keyword. If your keyword is related about the topic then expect to acquire more traction than with an article with keyword stuffed in it.

2.     Use Your Analytics

A missing analytics features in your blog make a huge impact as you will be missing valuable information what searches are bringing people to your blog. Make it habit to check the blog analytics to identify which pages or particular post are attracting readers to your blog and what specific searches are bringing people to those pages or post. This can give you an idea what are the best topics to write about.

3.     Include a Pin-Worthy Picture With Every Post

Social websites like Pinterest is making waves in the search results these days and can be a great source of traffic if one of your pins is shared frequently and pinning your post is also a great source of backlinks to your site.

4.      Discover Where Your Audience Are

Are you aware where your target audience are gathering or communicating online? If your niche is about health issues then WebMD is a good resource. Whatever your niche is, identify where your audience are and being an active member of health-related communities or forum sites is a huge advantage.

5.     Create Internal Links

Another way of boosting website marketing efforts is to relate your post to other content of your blog – creating anchor links within your blog. This alerts Google that your blog is coherent and relates to a main theme or interest. It also aids your readers to make a certain post more understandable.

The changes on the Google ’ algorithm is not a hindrance to get high search rankings. Remember that Google is just doing what appropriate and that is to provide relevant and high quality results to users.


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