How to Avoid Social Media Blunders

Social Media Blunders to Avoid

It is a common misconception that marketing with social media is simple. Their idea about it is limited to logging on, posting or tweeting contents, videos and articles related to the niche and just wait for a high conversion rate. Sounds easy indeed!

In reality, marketing with social media is more than that. To reap the maximum return of your social media networking efforts, avoid the following pitfalls and develop a more purposeful, meaningful and engaging interactions within the social media circles.

1 – Posting updates that tackles monotonous topic

Sure infographics are a great way to educate your followers making them one of the most shared pieces on social media websites. But sharing the same type inforgraphics will bore your followers making your posts redundant and repetitive.  If most of your updates are in text form, you can mix it with interesting images or informational video. The variety will be greatly appreciated by your followers.

2 – Talking all business, all of the time

If your post talks solely about business updates and happenings, you are actually hurting your brand’s image without your knowledge. Relate how people use social networking sites in your personal life.

Perhaps you are eager to check in your Facebook or Twitter account not because you are excited about your liked or followed companies instead looking for some updates on what is happening from your friends, colleagues or even your exes.  In fact you can attest that corporate promotions in your wall does not deserve a second glance and instead your eyes are fixed to an emotional rant of your drama queen friend.

Businesses that post purely company related posts misses out the interpersonal functionality of social sites making their updates look like an auto-post or machine-generated updates and too self-promotional.  To void this pitfall try combine casual/personal updates with corporate updates to entice readers to engage who by the way prefers casual/personal updates on social websites. One way of doing this is by posting updates that require your followers to reply or post a survey.

3– Taking too long to reply social media messages

If you post something that requires response then be prompt enough to answer your follower’s queries as soon as you can.  It does not mean that you have to spend 24/7 logged into Twitter or Facebook. In just 30 minutes or less you can answer the queries. But for important inquires make sure to check back often to reply the comments you received.

4 – Sharing other peoples’ content without giving them proper credit

In social media networking, being courteous enough to acknowledge the content of others is often overlooked. We tend to share viral videos or images without citing the person who owns it.

But as a business owner, violating copyright laws will put your company in serious trouble assuming that you are using these copyrighted materials in favor of your business gain.  Marketing with social media would require you to learn the basics of Creative Common licenses and do give credits and proper attribution whenever posting a content, video or image.

5– Going way too overboard with personal posts

Everything in excess is not good.  The same philosophy holds true in marketing with social media. Sure casual or personal post is acceptable but hearing one vent out her frustration about her husband who always leaves the toilet seat lid up after urinating is way too overboard.

To prevent yourself from posting too personal updates, just think of all your customers and potential clients that can read your updates and too personal rants that may damage the reputation of business accounts.


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