Ways to Keep your Link Portfolio Natural

Natural Link Profile

A website has to be classified as trusted source before it shows a secure position on search engine results page. The inbound links that points to the website are the trust indicator. A website with sizeable inbound links that came from quality sources is an indication that the site has something worthy to offer. On the other hand, if there is scarce linking inbound links to a site its reputation is largely questionable. Search engines love diverse inbound link portfolios that grow naturally over the course of time. But if the links are created in the same way – “unnatural link” it raises red flag and has dire consequence to the website and even leads to being penalized.

Luckily, there are ways to make your link look natural, consider the following:

  • Vary the anchor text

Anchor Text Diversification

Years ago, linking to another page using a keyword is a recommended SEO optimization practice. Over the course of time, Google deemed this practice as abused. The Penguin update had caused several websites guilty of anchor text spamming and thus was penalized. But this does not mean that linking with anchor text is a cardinal sin in SEO process, Google put emphasis on doing it on moderation and variations of targeted keywords as anchor text and not setting aside to link the brand name or company name as it is the most natural way to link the website.

  • Link to internal pages

Internal Linking

Linking only to the homepage while doing search engine optimization is the mistake most internet marketer commits.  Generally, it is the homepage that is already the most trusted page and thus linking to the website’s internal pages is needed. For example you wrote an article about men’s wear; link it to the men’s wear page instead of homepage.  With that, the reader must be taken to the page that they want right away instead of letting your visitors look that that specific page he wants on your site.

  • Look outside of the niche

Look Outside Your Niche

The best way to obtain links on the industry that is related to your keyword as this process actually generates traffic to your website from your targeted audience. But experts from the field of website marketing suggests that it is always wise to take a stride out of your niche and constantly look for link opportunities in the industry or field that is in some way related even if it is not the same exact keyword.

  • Obtain “no follow” links

NoFollow Links

Again, another common misconception about internet marketing is that “no follow” links are useless due to the fact that search engine spider do not follow the said link. True enough, no-follow link will not pass any link juice, BUT the search engine still marks the link. If most of your links are composed of “do follow” which can come follow dofollow SEO blogs, posts and image submissions, your link building activities looks suspicious. But the combinations of both insinuate search engines that you are building links for users and not just solely for SEO purposes only.


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