Broader Understanding about SEO

How to search engine optimization

Imagine if there will be no search engines. Imagine if there will be no web pages or social websites. And imagine if there will also be no search engine experts. Answers to these realizations will be as simple as – internet will definitely be ‘useless’.

As per being clearly defined on what is seo all about, SEO or the search engine optimization has something to do on the manner and/or the systematic process involved in order to take an excellent visibility effect on your website or web page once it was explored in search results pages. The basic rule in doing SEO is that, a search engine optimizer must squeeze all means in order to place a certain page on top of all the web pages listed on the page results. This will bring in more page visits and the site will appear on the lists more frequently. Internet searches do not necessarily lean specifically to only one page search. It is absolutely broad and it may vary from the searcher depending on what he or she is looking for. SEO has also target brackets and clusters of search. It may vary from image search, video search, academic search, industrial search or news search.

Majority may be so confused about the process and on how to search engine optimization. As simple as it gets to those who know the drill, in search optimization, SEO take into consideration on the system that makes search engines to perform, the frequently visited kind of search, the actual key terms or keywords and the search engine that target audience preferred at most. Website optimization requires HTML, content and other related coding editing in order to mutually boost its significance by means of its keywords in particular. Doing so will take away difficulties in keying in to search engines. Another SEO strategy is to advance a certain site to add up a number of backlinks and inbound links as well.


Search engine optimizers works will not be very effective without the facilitation coming from SEO copywriters. These people often work hand-in-hand with the optimizers and whose expertise will answer on the SEO technical aspects. Unlike optimizers, SEO copywriters take control on code alterations in order to design website which is highly supported and approved by search engines. SEO copywriting aim is to create a concise, short and snappy, well-convincing and credible text sequentially producing a well-written and meaty web page, thus motivating readers to respond. Copywriters should have all the powerful skills in maintaining a certain web page article’s substance very catchy and interesting to readers, arousing them to read more and link those.

In the year 2003, Google embodies almost 75% of all searches which opens the door for its dominance as renowned search engine as of 2007 globally. Suffice you to say, Google remarked an 85 to 90 percent market share in Germany wherein at that time, there were only five SEO firms situated in the said country. In UK, Google made a noticeable 90 percent of market share in June of 2008. In other countries like China, South Korea, Japan, Czech Republic and Russia, Google does not arrive equally to that on western countries. Search engine leaders known to these countries were Baidu, Naver, Yahoo! Japan, Seznam and Yandex correspondingly. Search engine optimizers must at least acquire a professional skill on web page translation to target a broader reach on international market such as the aforementioned areas so to speak.


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