Quick Site Analysis and On-Page SEO Series Part 1

As previously discussed Search Engine Optimization has two phases, the On-Page and Off-page calibration. Website search optimization is a must thus, I decided to create a series of articles to show you a simple and quick site analysis + On-page SEO. The main objective of these is to show you the basic on-page methods so that you can personally do SEO on your website.

For a quick review, On-page calibration is a series of action undertaken to check the entire website structure. These are your title tags, header tags, the images and the keywords used. In this tutorial, I am going to also include the tools you can use for easier on page calibration.

On Page calibration are as follows:

  1. Site Information
  2. Information Architecture
  3. Page Speed
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Competition
  6. Keyword Rankings
  7. Inbound Links Profile

Site Information

When doing on-page you have to first check the information of the site you are auditing. Have a quick background check about the website. These includes the Page Rank (PR), the domain age, targeted keywords and its total inbound links. The steps are as follows:



  • Keywords are normally provided by you (if you do site audit for others, they provide you their keywords).  To check the current rankings on your keywords I can recommend you a lot of tools. This can either be a free service or a paid one. For example you can use http://www.seocentro.com/tools/search-engines/keyword-position.html to check your current rankings for the keywords you use. This is a free service tool but can consume a lot of time. If you want to check bulks of keywords you can turn to paid services. I personally recommend rank tracker from SEO Powersuite. This tool has help me checked my keyword rankings from different search engines in a short matter of time.

  • Inbound Links – the next thing you need to check is the total inbound or backlinks of the website. I usually use raventools backlinks checker to check my backlinks. You can sign-up for a free trial here – https://raventools.com/create-account/

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