Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – How Important Is It?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website and making it visible to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The process includes two phases, the first is the ON-Page calibration and the second is OFF-Page calibration otherwise dubbed as Link Building. SEO has been around for a long time, and ever since it started there has been a lot of modifications done in order to provide searchers the most relevant results. Since this is the first article of my blog, let us try to discuss SEO basics and how important it is for e-commerce websites.

SEO Phases (ON-Page and OFF page Calibration)

  1. On-Page Calibration –  is a series of actions done in order to optimize the content of a website. The content includes the texts, images, videos and links on a website. Anything uploaded to your website is considered for on-page calibration.

Components of On-Page SEO

  • Title Tags – These are otherwise called as title elements, which defines the title of the page and is required for all HTML/XHTML. documents.
    Sample Title tag:

Here are some suggestions for your Title format.

  1. If your website has newly established here’s the best format you can do – Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword | Brand Name
  2. If your website has already established its brand the best format is – Brand Name | Primary Keyword | Secondary Keyword

Note: Since Google search results is limited to only 70 characters, it is best to limit your page titles to 70 characters or less for good results.

  • Header Tags – Header tags are used to define HTML headings. H1 is the most important heading while H6 is the least important heading. Header tags should always be in chronological order, meaning H2 can’t be before h1 as h6 can’t be before h2. The same thing goes with the other header tags. It is strictly a rule to follow the header hierarchy.
  • ALT Tags – this ON page component is where we optimize the images uploaded in the website. Today, optimizing images is becoming more essential in SEO. ALT attribute is a critical part of SEO that is often neglected. As a result, this can loose opportunity for better rankings.
  • Anchor Texts – These are keywords added to your website that has a special function. Whenever a searcher searches a website he uses a keyword. The purpose of your anchor text is that it will be used in order for your website to be found. For example, in my blog, one of my primary keywords is “Website Search Optimization” – now in order to find my website a searcher must use “Website Search Optimization” as a keyword. Anchor texts are one of the most important component of ON page calibration and must be optimized very well.

2. OFF-Page Calibration – is a mixture of methods that can help a website rank well on popular search engines. This could be through blogs, guest postings, news and press releases and other  link building strategies. As what I said earlier, off page is also known as link building. Simply put, off-page is the process of creating links or portals for your website. These links will act like a passage in order for visitors to visit your website. Also, off-page calibration also helps your website improve its rankings on your targeted keywords or anchor texts. In this process, links matters most, the more quality links you have the more you enjoy higher rankings. You may have noticed I used the word quality links, this is to emphasize that the quantity of links is not your goal. Your main objective is to find high quality and valuable links. 

How Important is SEO?

Basing from the discussion I made above, the importance of SEO is visible. In order to rank well on search engines we have to implement SEO standards on our websites. This increases the visitors of the site as well as its conversion rate. Now you know  how important and a must SEO is!


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