Google Penguin Ready to Kick Irrelevant Sites!

So the latest Google Update is officially named! Yes, as all of you may have already known, it’s the Penguin Update. Google Penguin’s main intention is to kill all web spam websites! It was released last April 24, 2012 and since then it has been killing a lot of spam websites. Are you one of the websites who have been hit by this new Google algorithm? If yes, what are the things you need to do to be able to cope? Let’s try to discuss Google Penguin deeper.

Okay, so last year it was Google Panda who was released and since then many updates were done. Webmasters wasn’t expecting that Google is into something that is more nerve wracking than Panda! Relevance in the internet is very important, me myself as an SEO specialist and of course a searcher needs fresh, informative and relevant information. And that goes the same with other people who use the internet.

As you have noticed, when you enter a search query on search engines like Google there is a result page or as experts dubbed as SERPs. This page displays a list of websites that might provide the information the searcher needs. Often times what’s happening is that the websites included in the list is not really what the user searched for. This triggered Google to act and create an algorithm that will dissolve irrelevant websites.

Have you been hit by Google Penguin? Well, if you have lost your search engine rankings then you were really hit by the Penguin Update. But you don’t have to lose hope because you can still regain the rankings for your targeted keywords. Here’s what you need to do. You need to provide fresh, relevant and informative post! This might sound simple but it is the hardest thing to do. You have to be creative and imaginative to come up with a unique idea. Remember that if you provide fresh informative people will just have to link and share your content. The more shares and links you have the faster you regain your rankings.

So in this post we have talked about the purpose of the Penguin update and some points to help a website regain its rankings once hit. In the next post I will be providing a more detailed post about the types of links we need to avoid as well as the new link building strategies we can do in accordance with Google Penguin!


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