How to Incorporate Social Media In Your Business

Social Media has now become one of the best mediums when it comes to advertising products to customers. Whether it is a new product being introduced in the market or a product, who already established its brand, social media plays an integral role. Considering fact that social media is present, there is an underlying problem that needs to be solved. What is it? Well, like any other marketing or advertising tool, social media is not inherently good or bad for business; the problem is that how will businesses use social media on there  marketing efforts?social media

Like many business experts say business planning is the secret to good management. The effort comes from the business owner as he must always review and revised business plan in order to manage strategy, objectives, performance, tasks, people etc. Now if a business decided to engage to social media, it should have a good plan which will guide the business owner to manage strategy, objectives, performance and check how effective are he’s social media efforts.

Therefore, I am providing you these steps to manage your social media efforts for your business. As I was doing this article I’m thinking of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ but I guess these will be applicable social media platforms.

  1. Build your Strategy.
    1. Your strategy includes long term and short term goals. Meaning you have to think of a realistic objective. Like for example in 2 -3 months from now you already have good number of followers on Twitter. Setting goals helps you to focus in achieving it. But you have to remember to stay focus and specific.
    2. In setting you strategy makes sure you get the opinion of people around you. Try to see what will be their reaction with the strategy you plan to implement. You may also want to consult an expert in order to build more effective strategy.
  2. Be Specific. As what I’ve said above you have to come up with certain goal which will help you to be more specific. Being specific not only pertains to your goals but this also refers to the people in charge in doing the tasks. You should assign someone who will be doing the task. Not only that, you should also plan what the person you assign for the work will be doing. For example in Facebook, you should set what are the posts, updates, links he’s going to share. You should also plan how often he posts
  3. Manage Results.Just like stated earlier in the article, you need to manage, check, follow, track and revise regularly your social media engagement efforts. Schedule monthly meetings in order to check whether there is an improvement or not. Reviewing all your social media efforts will help you create wiser revisions in order to keep thing on track.


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