Google Search Result Pagination

As I was browsing my Google+ account I came across to see this interesting photo. Here’s the photo.

So what the image reflect? Does this means that being on the 1st page of Google SERPs make a website legitimate? That it provides relevant and useful information to what the searcher is looking for? Well my answer would be a yes and a no. Here’s my SEO Blogging Tips.

  • Yes. I say yes because I know that there are a lot of websites that really provides relevant and high quality content and data to visitors. They take time to do research and check what the people or audience is really looking. This could either be a tutorial, a review on a product, tips and answers.
  • No. I say no because there are also a huge number websites doing spams. They do not even create great contents which is actually unfair to those websites who exerts effort on creating high quality contents.

In the end “content is still the king“. Especially with the new Google update, surely a lot of low quality websites will be affected. Still great content + great SEO is the key to success.


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