Why Content and Social Media Matters?

Google’s New Algorithm

So this week Google has made an official statement about its new algorithm. Google is now going to penalize overly optimized websites to favor websites that have high quality contents. We all know that SEO is an integral part of a websites’ search engine visibility and in my opinion this new algorithm being implemented by Google will change everything! Why? A lot of SEO blogs say that “Content is King”, this is true but in some cases, I will say not! I came to say this because I’ve noticed that some websites are ranking on SERPs even though it does not contain great contents but have a great SEO instead.

My Opinion…

Based from personal experienced as a Jr. SEO expert – Google’s new algorithm does change everything. Once the new algorithm is applied, a website being on the first page of Google might end up on the lower pages or worst might get flagged or banned on search engines. Well, personally this update of Google is alarming and nerve wracking for me and I’m sure that many SEO experts are also concern with the effects that it may cause on the websites they manage. But if we closely examine the situation, Google is doing a very good decision! Think of this: “A lot of internet users who use and browse the internet search for something and Google is just focusing on giving the end users the best and most relevant results possible.”

What Has To Be Done!

I’m sure your’e already informed that search results are now socially transformed! Thus social media networks have the capability to have big effect on search results. And this jives with the new Google algorithm. Here’s why:

  1. Search Engines considers social media signals.
  2. Google’s objective is to eliminate overly SEOd sites and bring more relevant results (websites that have HQ content).

Considering the statements above we will end on formula of: High Quality Content + Social Media

Indeed Google’s update is alarming but that it isn’t the end of everything. What we do is to focus on generating high quality contents that are relevant to what searchers look for then we promote our content with social media. The more social media exposure our content gets the greater and bigger effect on our website ranking on search engines.

Author Bio:

Juphet Mislang is the owner and sole author of 3J Digital & Social Hub | SEO Blog Tips | SEO News! He is also a Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO company based in the Philippines. Read more about SEO Blog Tips and Social Media Trends.


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