February 2012 – Search Engine Market Share

Majority of the traffic that almost all websites get are coming from search engines. comScores the leader in measuring the digital world recently released the latest market share of major search engines. Here is a screen shot of the tabulation they released!

Also to help you out here’s an infographic showing the percentage of search engines market share.

Infographic by Neil Tweddle/Search Engine Watch

So in the end Google still dominates the market shares. That is why a lot of SEO blog tips that you can read is still about dominating the SERP on Google. And since Bing has now acquired Yahoo, it’s no surprise why it placed in the 2nd spot. I remember the days when Yahoo was the leading search engine. Anyway, I will just keep you posted with new updates.

Author Bio:

Juphet Mislang is the owner and sole author of 3J Digital & Social Hub | SEO Blog Tips | SEO Philippines! He is also a Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO company based in the Philippines. Read more about SEO Blog Tips and Social Media Enagement.





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