Facebook’s New Timeline and its Effect on Online Businesses

Facebook is not only a website for getting new associates or having communication with good buddies but is also a good way for companies to defeat the rivalry since more and more individuals are getting used to social networking. When you promote on Facebook, you are sure to get more earnings because of the massive number of Facebook users. Thus this preserves you time and effort and you can focus on other marketing factors.

Facebook’s New Timeline and its Effect on Online Businesses

Today, Facebook is continuously growing and making modifications, so as an organization, it is essential that you also keep up with these Facebook changes. Facebook is a highly efficient social networking site which can help increase your organization achievements. Current statistic shows that there are almost 800 million registered Facebook users all over the world and any of them could be your possible clients.

Introduction to Facebook’s Timeline

Facebook’s timeline is the new Facebook profile. It sets up your posts in a chronologically organized timeline which keeps a record of your action in Facebook from the latest ones until on first time you have registered in Facebook. In an organization, it will help clients find out more about your organization and the product or item being marketed by displaying chronological dates of events and press releases.

Another benefit of Facebook’s timeline is that the visual look of the Timeline page is very alluring to the clients. Add an amazing timeline base image and you are sure to attract clients to be inquisitive about your organization.

The Promotion Edge

Since Timeline is a new thing in Facebook, companies will have to try, and get a more designed strategy into Facebook to help get their internet promotion to achievements. Most individuals and companies do not like how this Timeline is operating, so take this as a benefit to create an offer in which it will be a be a competitive edge against your rivals. Here are some tips on how to get that promotion side through Facebook timeline.

The Cover Photo

The Cover image is 840 x 310 pixels, which is enough to create a declaration out of your organization. Keep in mind that Facebook do not allow marketing or advertising ads in this cover image so think more innovative ways to determine your organization in this cover image. Like, for example, activities or company events that have occurred just lately to let individuals know how lawful and dynamic your organization is.


Facebook has constantly been doing modifications to provide its users with new features. And though many users has been stressing out complains about the change, there is nothing they can do but to adapt with it. Moreover, a lot of companies have been neglecting Facebook’s new timeline and as stated in the article body, using this new feature will be a great way to outrank them and reach more possible customers. Just remember one rule that every business or individual should remember! That is to adapt with the change, because we believe at change is always for the better.

Author Bio:

Juphet Mislang is the owner of 3J Digital and Social Hub | SEO Blog | SEO Philippines Blog! He is also a Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO company based in the Philippines.


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