Importance of CSS in Web Design

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When your mind runs on a creative track, you really wish there are no limitations due to technology. You have these awesome ideas and would really love to implement them in your next web design, but are bound by what the software or template allows you to do. A very undesirable situation that is! What is you could customize and style your web design as wild as your imagination could run – with no limitations! To add to it, what if it could provide you with more scalability and ability to re-design at a later date without having to re-write the entire code? Right – that’s what Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) offer you. These little pieces of code help you with customizing the look of your website.

Cascaded style sheets (CSS) are styling scripts used in HTML. They help in formatting the “look” of your website. It is used to separate the HTML code from the styling code. So all the colours, fonts and layout code is separated from the HTML code. It’s a good way of keeping the code clean, and the website more flexible.

There are numerous advantages of using CSS in web design. Here are the top ten advantages:

  • You can make your website look exactly how you want it to look. You can modify the templates and give them the “look” you desire for your website. CSS provides you with the opportunity to test the limits of your creativity to put together a web design of your imagination.
  • Web design using CSS is easy to modify. The HTML code is not interfered with. So, if you have a website that requires redesigning – CSS makes it easier for you. You can change the fonts and colours quickly and with very less effort.
  • You can add creative customizations in design with CSS. CSS provides a flexibility and scalability that is rare in a complete HTML code. With CSS you can change a template and turn it into a unique website.
  • Since the CSS script is separate, the site loads faster. Site load time is an important factor in web design. If you design a site well, but it takes forever to load, all your web design efforts are in vain.
  • Bandwidth is reduced too. The bandwidth consuming images etc are “called” via a CSS script only when required.
  • Combining HTML and CSS builds a technically good website.
  • CSS has SEO benefits too. Because the HTML code is cleaner to read, a search engine spider can easily read important content.
  • It helps designers to build printer friendly web designs.
  • CSS is compatible with all the popular web browsers.
  • CSS maintains consistency across the site (previously frames were used for the same reason).

The use of CSS makes the separating of styling content from the HTML code so effective that it is widely used by most developers. Cascading style sheets give web designers more control over the web design. The bulk of pages are reduced using this method. Well, it saves you lot of work too!

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