My Blog’s Traffic has been Increasing

It never came into my mind that I’ll be a blogger. Actually, I was not really into doing online works but when I started being a Jr. SEO Specialist of Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO Company in the Philippines and have came to know how the online world works I was encouraged to create a blog of my own. Oh well, just for the history I started this blog last November 2011 without any idea on the topics and posts I’ll be creating! Sooner I came up with the idea of creating and sharing my little knowledge about SEO . I read a lot of blog posts from well known bloggers and learned a lot from them, now I am already creating my own articles and sometimes publishing articles from article directory sites!

So I did this blog post just to share my little achievement since I started this blog! Here is the recent capture of my blog’s traffic stats! By the way my blog’s name is 3J Digital and Social Hub | SEO Blog | SEO Philippines

3J Digital and Social Hub | SEO Blog | SEO Philippines

See how the number of visitors has improved? And because of this! I am inspired to create and post more articles, videos and others! Thanks for those people who read my blog posts and shares it to social media sites! Expect more relevant and well research post soon!

Author Bio:

Juphet Mislang is the owner of 3J Digital and Social Hub | SEO Blog | SEO Philippines Blog! He is also a Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO company based in the Philippines.

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