Off Page SEO How Important Is it?

Off-page search engine optimization is gaining links to your site from other websites. Before anything else, we would also like to remind our readers that on-page search engine optimization is also as good as off-page. One must do both to gain more customers because one is as efficient as the other, provided that the search optimization professional or his client is more than willing to use all means of advertising or strategies in a very efficient manner. He should also place in mind that both off-page and on-page SEO would be rendered useless or nonsense if not accompanied by thorough investigation or study of one’s market. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of off-page search engine optimization. For a complete list of the best off-page search engine optimization strategies, please check out The complete link is found at the bottom part of this article.

off page optimization

First, the “other’s customer” might be one’s paying customer. Sounds like gambling? Not really. To better understand this, one must think of his own individual searching. Sometimes, a person opens his computer and browses the World Wide Web without any prior intention of buying or spending money on anything. He searches whatever it is that he wants to search. At the end of the day, he ends up buying something or registering on a certain website given that he did not plan the same in the first place. Think of an ordinary website viewer as you. He might be someone checking a certain exotic destination in a travel website but ends up ordering pizza from your site (through off-page optimization) because you article seems appetizing or that your advertisements appear to be enlightening. The only way to catch the attention of the other’s customer is through efficient and effective off-page search engine optimization. See an example here.

Second, the optimization technique promotes with a multiplying factor. On-page search engine optimization only caters to a certain breed of customers. The children’s books website only attracts those people interested in children’s books – writers, critics, reviewers, college students, literary majors, etc. On the other hand, promoting the same stuff (children’s books) in other websites will also attract other customers of varying interests – the homemaker looking for a new set of silverware but ends up looking for some excellent books for her children, the electronic geek spending countless number of hours in gadget websites and ends up spending money for his next travel destination at a related website, and the social networking addict looking for new buddies but ends up spending several dollars for a concert ticket (with an ad posted at a particular social media). If you can get three or five customers in your website affiliate or the launching site, that three or five customers will surely translate to profits or money. Think of it.

Third, one can take advantage of the wonderful free website templates at other websites. If you make a deal with a bookstore to sell your goods, you expect the bookstore to display your books at a particular site on the shelves and for the bookstore to make sure that the shelves are clean. The same is true with off-page optimization. The launching website ensures that the articles or contents are displayed in quality templates. Why? Its interest is to make sure that the frames are perfect or else no one would advertise on their sites or infuse search engine optimization contents.

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Jason Iglesias is an Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. an SEO Company in the Philippines. He is also a member of SEO Philippines a group of SEO experts in the country.

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