Link Building 101 – How to Improve a Website’s Ranking and Traffic?

In SEO, link building is one of the most time draining and sometimes frustrating process. You feel glad and proud when you notice that targeted keywords are ranking in the first page of Google and other search engines. Nothing can also weigh when the website you link build is receiving a vast number of quality traffic. But it’s not always that we see good outcome, sometimes we don’t see development on our link building exertions.

Link Building

Various websites are somewhat difficult to do optimize. I can say these because I’ve tested it myself. But you don’t have to worry with my statement, true it is difficult but there’s always a solution and I’m going to share to you some of the link building strategies I found the most effective.

Common Link Building Strategy

1. Web 2.0 sites. Creating pages on these websites have been popularly known by many link builders. This is a common link building strategy but still an effective one. Make full advantage of using your targeted keywords like “SEO Philippines”, “SEO Company Philippines” and other related keywords in this strategy. Make sure your keywords are well researched to guarantee good conversion.

web 2.0

2. Blog Commenting. This process establishes connection with fellow bloggers. Again a usual link building line of attack yet very effective. I propose you do commenting on blog sites that possess commentluv premium plug-in. For this plug-in allows you to add do follow blog comments which could have great effects on your rankings.

3. Forums and Question and Answer sites. You can place links on your comments or replies that can boost your website’s traffic effectively. Take note some forums require you to have at least 10 post before you can add a signature which can contain your link. Also, answer sites like Yahoo Answers requires you to gain 250 points before can post links. You may need to put some effort with these two but I assure you good results.

4. Article Marketing. This has been confirmed as one of the finest and very effective ways to increase backlinks and improve your website’s rankings and visibility. Make sure you submit you’re high quality articles on popular article directories like Goarticles, Ezinearticles, Ezinemark and etc.

Improved rankings and Traffic thru Guest Post

You may have notice about guest posting and the advantages you can get with it. Let’s take the example of SEO link building; guest posting on an SEO blog can be the best route to take. Here are the reasons why.

1. Establishes and Builds Reputation. Guest posting on a real estate blog not only enhances your rankings but also increases your traffic as you establish a solid reputation as a real estate expert. How? If you guest post on a well appreciated blog and has created high quality article, your professional reputation will always ameliorate. This means many people will look into your website because of its solid and good reputation. This also creates authority which is a factor that search engines also consider.

2. You yourself are benefited. Yes, you are benefitted not only because your website’s traffic and rankings developed but also guest posting widens your awareness and wisdom. How is that? Keep in mind that guest posting requires a unique and 100% original content. This requires you to read and research well-researched studies and topics in order to provide quality articles.

If you have snagged guest posting as part of you link building strategy, well think again. Many bloggers who manages websites have benefited from doing this and certainly you do not want to be left behind. Now is the time to create your guest post and enjoy the benefits you can get.

Author Bio:

Juphet Mislang is the owner of 3J Digital and Social Hub | SEO Blog | SEO Philippines Blog! He is also a Jr. SEO Specialist at Search Opt Media Inc. a SEO company based in the Philippines.


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