Steps to Dominate Google SERP

Search Engine Result Page

Search Engine Result Page is a listing of web pages returned by search engines in response with a keyword query. Results generally includes the title of the page, the link to the page and a short description. A sample screen shot is provided below.

A good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking is the most important goal of any efforts put forth by a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist or firm. This is because when you top SERP rankings, you find increase in your traffic. Though it is true that a website can get decent traffic by doing boring things like posting a link to a website or page on social media sites such as the well known Facebook or Twitter, or even posting on forums and adding a link on signature on posts, nothing comes close to the massive volume and speed of direct traffic coming from search engines. (Juphet Mislang)

This is the main reason why SERP ranking is very imprtant to SEO experts and firms. Now let’s explore how to optimize these assets with the things you need to keep in mind if you want to potentially lift your Google SERP visibility

Search engine traffic is HOT and it CONVERTS. So how do you get it?

  1. Create a unique, fresh, informative, well-researched article. Take your time with it. Try to conduct some research about the topic, of course it is related to your website. You don’t have to rush here. Make sure that you check the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Make it long enough but be sure that it still contains important information, don’t included non-valuable information on your article. You’ll be good at around a thousand to fifteen-hundred words per article. Post and publish the article to your site and ping Google that your site has been updated.
  2. Create other articles. Remember that this article should also be unique, fresh, informative and well researched. Then submit these articles to article submission sites. Add links to this articles pointing back to your site.
  3. Leave Comments on authority sites. You can also do some commenting but remember to comment on authority and related sites. Try to find dofollow comments, this will also help your websites rankings.
  4. Link Wheel. But you have to have patience in this. Build the backlinks and popularity of the blogs for your link wheel.

Take SEO seriously

Search Engine Optimization is a very long process and constantly promoting your web sites for search engines is really needed. Remember that the quality of your website and its popularity decides your ranking. So try to consider SEO and learn to dominate SERP at the earliest. You may also want to hire an SEO Company that will do the hard job for you.


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