My Top 10 Link Building Strategies

Based from my experience, link building is somewhat frustrating and of course time consuming. If you do not have the knowledge about it, you as a link builder may get lost from your track. Actually, I’m also new to link building and I must admit that at the beginning I got lost and did some spamming type link building. Anyway, what is link building? Link building is the process of creating link putting back to your website. It acts like a portal wherein internet users can see and visit your website. This process is important so that the websites will rank higher on search engine results.

I am here to share to you my top link building strategies which helped my garner great result. Here are my top 10 list.

  1. Create Organic and unique content. Of course you may have heard the phrase “Content is King”. Yes, this is one of the most effective link building method. Insert your targeted keywords inside your article and add links to it and submit it to articles submission sites.
  2. Submit your website to web directories.
  3. Trade articles with other webmasters.
  4. Create profiles on social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others). Your website’s social media signal can boost your ranking on SERPs.
  5. Post free classified ads on ad sites. (Craigslist, and etc.)
  6. Join high PR forums and build your authority there. Add a link on your signature.
  7. Create blogs, and add links pointing back to your site.
  8. Create squidoo lenses, hubs on hubpages and other web 2.0 sites.
  9. Answer question on Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers.
  10. Blog Commenting on authority sites with high PR.

The methods I stated about are just some of my link building strategies which helped me do better on rankings. And since I am still new to SEO and link building I may add some more in the near future. Anyway, I hoped that at least I helped and gave you some good advice. Until my next post guys! See ya!



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